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TA Emerging Theatre Director's Bursary Alumni


Qondiswa James

A Faint Patch of Light


Photo by Clare Louise Thomas

An interpretation of Athol Fugard’s Statements After An Arrest Under the Immorality Act
Performed in association with DALRO
Directed by Qondiswa James
Dramaturg Lesego Chauke
Designed by Puleng Lange-Stewart
Music composed and performed by Jannous Aukema
Performed by Qondiswa James, Tiisetso Mashifane and Jannous Aukema
Poster design by Warren Turner

Thembela Madliki
Where She Walked

WhereSheWalked JKprint-6401_comp.jpg

Photo by Jesse Kramer

Written and Directed by Thembela Madliki
Inspired by Heart of Redness by Zakes Mda
Performed by Indalo Stofile, Nthabeleng Jafta and Thandolwethu Mzembe
Lighting Design by Frans Mandilakhe Zunguze


Thando Mangcu

Thando - headshot comp.jpg

Written and directed by Thando Mangcu
Performed by Elizabeth Akudugu, Faith Kinniar, Grace Barnes and Nolufefe Ntshuntshe
Design by Thando Mangcu
Poster design by Warren Turner

Nwabisa Plaatjie
Reimagining The Native Who Caused All The Trouble


Photo by Jesse Kramer

Written by Danny Keogh, Vanessa Cooke and Fink Haysom
Adapted and Directed by Nwabisa Plaatjie
Performed by Faniswa Yisa, Kai Luke Brummer, Anele Kose, Duane Behrens and Nomakrestu Xakatugaga
Mentored by Tossie van Tonder
Set and Costume Design by Nwabisa Plaatjie
Poster Design by Warren Turner
First performed at The Market Theatre in 1986, this play centres around Tselilo, a Basotho man who questions land ownership in Cape Town in the 1930s


Ameera Conrad

Reparation - Ameera Conrad - photo by Jesse Kramer.jpg

Photo by Jesse Kramer

Written and Directed by Ameera Conrad
Designed by Ameera Conrad
Lighting Design by Darabeth
Photos by Jesse Kramer
Poster Design by Warren Turner
Performed by Tankiso Mamabolo, Emma Kotze, Kiroshan Naidoo, Roberto Meyer
Presented by the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, in partnership with Distell and the Baxter Theatre Centre

Mahlatsi Mokgonyana


Photo by Jesse Kramer

Written by Athol Fugard
Directed by Mahlatsi Mokgonyana
Designed by Asiphe Lili
Sound Design by John Withers
Lighting Design by Kieran McGregor
Photos by Jesse Kramer
Performed by Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, Sihle Mnqwazana and Kate Pinchuck
Presented by the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, in partnership with Distell, the Baxter Theatre Centre, ShakeXperience and Nobulali Productions

Wynne Bredenkamp
At the Edge of the Light

Wynne photo 2.jpg

Written and Directed by Wynne Bredenkamp
Performed by Margot Wood, Sarah Potter, Rehane Abrahams, Mark Elderkin
Design by Wynne Bredenkamp
Poster Design by Wynne Bredenkamp
Mentored by Tossie van Tonder
With support from Distell

‘You are here because of me’
‘I guess I should thank you’

Hurtling through the drenched night, Girl finds herself at the threshold of the last safe place she knows, hoping to find solace in the grandmother she remembers of her childhood. Instead, Gran has shut herself away, scared of the noises in the dark, suspicious of the knocks on the door and terrified of the things that lie just at the edge of the light…

Jason Jacobs
In Wag Van

InWagVan OnlineJKK-5786.jpg

Photo by Jesse Kramer

Written and directed by Jason Jacobs
Designed by Jason Jacobs
Lighting Design by Kieran McGregor
Performed by Courtney Smith, Gantane Kusch, Gershwin Mias, Vathiswa Nodlayiya
Presented by the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, in partnership with Distell and the Baxter Theatre Centre

Die vol maan rondomtalie met haar gesig, ‘n antieke skedel wat sommige glo die dood van kinders aankondig. Dalk is dit die vrees vir dood wat hulle sou raaksien, die aand toe die maan bewegingloos in die nag gaan stilhou.

I grew up listening to my mother, her mother and grandmother. Our way of speaking was normal to us, fragmented and many a times made up. Passionately read by Ouma in church, angrily yelled by Mammie at home and sporadically preached by our late Ma Hester. When they spoke, it was as if an army of prophets spoke through them. One speech from a woman in my family had the power to break and heal you at the same time. Perhaps my work is a result of actively listening and being able to express how those words affected me? How my mothers viewed the world, how their words created and reacted to conflict; by only speaking they imparted fear.

Today, many find themselves silenced out of fear. Fear that reporting the truth may result in threats and even death. We find ourselves in a place where the only alternative is to wait. To wait for some magical higher power to come and save us from evil, destroying the lives of our youth.

In Wag Van poetically addresses what it means to wait, and how far anxiety can test us.  This performance run is dedicated to the many young children who have recently been abducted in the Cape Town so-called coloured communities.


Alan Parker

Detritus by Alan Parker - photo by Dex Goodman-001.JPG

Directed and Choreographed by Alan Parker
Performed by Richard Antrobus, Indalo Stofile and Madele Vermaak
Designed by Gavin Krastin
At the heart of “Detritus” is an imaginative and playful engagement with the intangibility of live performance.  By its nature, performance is ephemeral, disappearing just as quickly as it appears.  When the event is over nothing of the actual performance remains, except for the detritus - in the form of costumes and props and the (often flawed) recollection of the experience in the memories of the audience.  How do we grapple with memory?
Alan Parker went on to rework Detritus as a one person show which he performed.  He won the Silver medal at the Cape Town Fringe in 2017.

Bulelani Mabutyana
Pushmi Pullyu

Pushmi Puly 2 - photo by Nadia Woodward.JPG

Photo by Nadia Woodward

Presented by UKAO
Directed by Bulelani Mabutyana
Created with and performed by Sisipho Mbopa and Thulisa Mayelo
Designed by Asiphe Lilli and Jori Snell
Poster designed by Warren Turner
Mentored by Jori Snell
Pushmi Pullyu,  named after the imaginary 2-headed creature, was created for 1-4 year olds.  The piece playfully explores through visual imagery and physical theatre, the opposites we all experience in life, and the balance we need to strike between individual desires and co-operation.

Thenjiwe Stemela
The Treatment

Thenjiwe Stemela Head Shot.jpg

Written by Martin Crimp
Directed by Thenjiwe Stemela
Designed by Thenjiwe Stemela
In partnership with Distell and the Baxter Theatre Centre and supported by BASA
Performed by Lesoko Seabe, Matt Newman, Danieyella Rodin, Glen Biderman-Pam, Richard September, Loren Loubser and Oscar Sander
Poster Design by Warren Turner
Stage Manager Alexander McCarthy
"They say 'we do not have the words to describe this state of affairs , this state of the world.' They say 'words fail us'. But words can't fail, Anne, only we can fail". Crimp's slick, sick-sexy masterpiece is an eloquent comment on the fuckery of art and the world. Basically.

Phala Ookeditse Phala

Cantos Reborn

Cantos Reborn - photo by Dex Goodman-010.JPG

Photo by Dex Goodman

Directed by Phala Ookeditse Phala
Designed by Kabelo Chalatsane
Created with and Performed by Iman Isaacs, Alecia Daniels and Thando Doni
Poster Design by Warren W Turner
Cantos Reborn explores the psyche of an unborn girl child who refuses to be born into the South Africa that women know and experience. We need to keep reflecting to ourselves the society we are each building and embody. One such a reflection is how our willful blindness contributes to alarming violence against women, and how such violence and abuse is slowly becoming tolerable behavior and second nature.