The Yvonne Banning Reading Room

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In memory of a most loved and extraordinary teacher of theatre, the Yvonne Banning Reading Room was founded in 2009 with the first collection of books received from Yvonne's personal theatre library.

Since then it has grown immeasurably through the contribution of plays by Ted Jacobs, Nkosinathi Gaar, Kathryn Grody, Mannie Manim, Saul Radomsky, Robin Malan, Mark Hoeben and many others. Most recently a donation of Canadian plays by the Playwright's Guild of Canada Women's Caucus has grown our Canadian section from two plays to just over twenty. With original artwork by Francesco Nassimbeni along with wifi, the reading room is an excellent place to browse, to read and to work.

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The Yvonne Banning Reading Room houses a rich collection of published and unpublished South African plays as well as a large collection of British contemporary plays. The aim is to keep the reading room contemporary and up to date with newly published works as a room for inspiration for writers and directors.

We also have interesting books for Actors, Directors, theorists and teachers of drama here

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If you are a playwright and would like to donate your work, both published and unplublished, or you are clearing out your play collection, please contact Caroline on

We are also keen to know what plays you would like to see in our reading room, so that when we do find ourselves with a financial contribution, we know which plays to buy.

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The donation from Canada was matched by a donation that Theatre Arts made to the Soulpepper Theatre Company's Academy Library in Toronto in 2022 with ten contemporary Junkets plays from South Africa. Their library looks remarkably like our own!

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The Yvonne Banning Reading Room at Theatre Arts