MusicDance Performance Residency 2024

Applications for the 2024 Residency will open in August.

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MusicDance is a performance residency for dancers and musicians supported by Theatre Arts since 2018. Now in its seventh year the project draws together artists from diverse genres and backgrounds. The emphasis of the work is interdisciplinary and real-time composition. Audiences are invited to witness the forging of exciting new collaborations and unique expressions in live music and dance performance.

The project promotes collaboration across disciplines of music and dance, and includes a facilitating team with extensive experience in interdisciplinary an inter-genre collaboration. Dancers and musicians will work together to extend their practice of real-time composition and performance making.

MusicDance Performance Residency provides a transformative experience for artists to extend their skills, artistry and agency while forging new collaborations and lasting artistic connections. The performance platform provides the chance to present new work to the public and offers insight into the immediacy and risk of real-time performance making.

MusicDance is facilitated by Manuela Lucia Tessi

The core group of artist/facilitators include Thalia Laric, Coila-Leah Enderstein, Sumalgy Nuro, Vintani Nafassi and Garth Erasmus.

All photos by Lindsey Appolis.



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If you would like to participate and would like to know more please write us:

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