Pushmi-Pullyu went through various phases of exploration and culminated in the final production which performed at the Obs Family Festival, The Vrygrond Family Festival and at the Wellington Teachers Training College in 2015.


Presented by UKAO
Directed by Bulelani Mabutyana
Created with and performed by Sisipho Mbopa and Thulisa Mayelo
Designed by Asiphe Lilli and Jori Snell
Mentored by Jori Snell
Poster designed by Warren Turner
Photos by Nadia Woodward

Created for 1-4 year olds, Pushmi Pullyu playfully explores through visual imagery and physical theatre, the opposites we all experience in life, and the balance we need to strike between individual desires and co-operation.

Possibly the most extraordinary moment for me was watching an eighteen-month old child on her mother's lap, spine erect with a gaze that did not leave the action once.

A quircky, unpredictable and playful piece that captured the imagination of its young audiences.

pushmi pullyu - pink hug.JPG

pushmi pulyu - faces - photo by Nadia Woodward.JPG

Pushmi Puly 2 - photo by Nadia Woodward.JPG

pushmi pulyu.jpg