The Agents

Physical theatre
Devised, written and performed by Kyla DAVIS, Lisa Derryn OVERY and Roberto POMBO | Directed by Toni MORKEL | Sound Design by Roberto POMBO
PG 13+ strong language

Cape Town! The Agents are in your area! 

Meet Venter, Linda (she’s new here) and the ever-effervescent Brenda in an outrageous satirical comedy that tears apart the absurdities of the real estate industry. 

Robaby Productions presents a trio of mischievous performers who delve into the cut-throat world of property development, gentrification and fancy Estate living. No one is safe from their hilariously sharp critiques - from slick real estate agents to clueless home buyers to neighbourhood watch groups (you know the ones). With a massive dose of irreverence, a keen eye for the ridiculous and a heavy-touch of the macabre, this show is a must-see for anyone who loves a spicy, laugh-out-loud cringefest.

Created and performed by Lisa Derryn Overy, Kyla Davis and Roberto Pombo and directed by physical theatre maestro Toni Morkel, ‘The Agents’ have finally landed in Cape Town after knock-out runs in Jozi and the National Arts Festival Makhanda where it was praised as a ‘gem’ of the festival and scooped a Standard Bank Ovation Award.

Every year there is a standout fringe show, and this was it. - Steve Kretzmann, The Critter

Under the direction of Toni Morkel, (the performers) are a joy to watch. The trio moves as a three-headed beast…they deliver the razor-sharp script with ease, and routinely whip themselves and their unsuspecting clients into a frenzy. The Agents is easily one of the gems of this year’s Festival. Go and see it!- David Mann, Cue Online

The Agents is among the very best of 49 years or so of amazing Fringe work. The audience stood as one to give the show a standing ovation… I have not laughed so hard for a long time, not so much triggered as fired from the canon - Mike Loewe, The Critter

...fabulously fierce and funny! Morkel, Davis, Pombo and Derryn Overy have created something quite extraordinary in The Agents - Yvette Hardie


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Photos by Mark Wessels - NAF 2023

About the company

Robaby Productions emerged onto the theatrical scene in 2014 with "Father, Father, Father!", a cult hit that left audiences shocked with its deliciously dark narrative. Since then, this theatre company has remained a beacon of innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of storytelling over the past decade.

At the creative helm stand theatre-makers Roberto Pombo and Toni Morkel, whose distinctive blend of grotesque bouffonary and physicality has become synonymous with Robaby's distinctive style. Robaby Productions has carved out a niche as purveyors of the sardonic and dark, challenging audiences to confront the shadows lurking within themselves. 

Robaby Productions: Father, Father. Father! (2014); KidCasino (2016); Becky, Please turn off the lights (2018); VVV - Vial, Vulgar, Vaudeville (2021); The Agents (2023).