How to Train Your Thoughts

Absurd comedy
Written and Directed by Olwethu NTANJANA-MAPISA | Performed by Kelsey BROOKES, Tshiamo MALOKA, Querida MASETLA, Zizi MASIZANA, Bulela NXOKWANA, Palesa RABA, Kaela VAN ZYL

How to Train Your Thoughts" chronicles the unique and compelling journey of Monde Kgoroge, a determined university student navigating the challenges of life in Cape Town. Working at a restaurant on Kloof Street, Monde finds solace in the company of four distinct voices in her head – Synapso, Thelial, Astro, and Dendro. These personified voices serve as Monde's inner advisors, helping her navigate the complexities of her daily experiences, including the exploitation she endures from her employer, Lee-Anne.

Despite facing mistreatment, Monde remains in denial, prompting her inner voices to embark on a mission to guide her towards acknowledging the reality of her situation. The quartet—Synapso, Thelial, Astro, and Dendro— work together with a friend from the depths of Monde's psyche to show her the importance of changing her attitude.

Through the ups and downs, Monde endeavors to convince the voices that she has a plan to alter her circumstances.