Methodist Church Hall • Cnr Milton Road and Wesley Street • Observatory • 7925 • Cape Town

Wynne Bredenkamp: At the Edge of the Light

Written and Directed by Wynne Bredenkamp
Performed by Margot Wood, Sarah Potter, Rehane Abrahams, Mark Elderkin
Design by Wynne Bredenkamp
Poster Design by Wynne Bredenkamp
Mentored by Tossie van Tonder
With support from Distell

Sunday 6th  – Sunday 13th November @ 8pm

‘You are here because of me’
‘I guess I should thank you’

Hurtling through the drenched night, Girl finds herself at the threshold of the last safe place she knows, hoping to find solace in the grandmother she remembers of her childhood. Instead, Gran has shut herself away, scared of the noises in the dark, suspicious of the knocks on the door and terrified of the things that lie just at the edge of the light…