Wrong Faces

comedy drama
Written, Directed and Performed by Alex SILBERBAUER | Performed with Jason BAILEY
13+ Language

Alex Silberbauer and Jason Bailey costar in a One-Act play set in the bathroom of a house party, where a young man and woman, strangers to one another, are forced to share each others’ company. While neither knows why the other is there, and both put on masks to avoid being fully honest, their curiosity in one another grows as time goes by. As layers begin to slowly peel back, the two find it harder and harder to avoid hiding themselves from each other. The play explores themes of vulnerability, intimacy and love among strangers, told through characters grappling with a sense of self and fast paced dialogue.


History of Production

Wrong Faces’ first draft was written in 2020 by Alex Silberbauer in her first year of her acting degree. Written during the Covid Pandemic, the play was inspired by the universal themes of the desire for closeness juxtaposed by the fear of vulnerability, as well as the tension that can arise in sharing a space with someone for a prolonged period. 

In 2023, the play was submitted to a playwriting competition at the Masque Theatre, where it won a play reading, and was heard by seasoned writer and director, Digby Young. 

Alex met Jason Bailey when they both starred in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd in 2023, at the Masque Theatre. After showing Jason the script, the two began collaboration in pre-production and rehearsals for a possible performance together. 

In March 2024, the play won a slot in the Masque Theatre’s One Act Play Festival, where Digby assisted and collaborated with Alex in script editing and directing, to help the play reach new potential.

Later, in April, Wrong Faces was also shown at the Outlore Base, in its In And Out Artists Initiative festival. In June, Jason and Alex, shot an extract of the play as a short film, where it screened at the International 1 Minute Short Film Festival, and won the award for Best Writer. 

Hungry to get on stage again, Alex Silberbauer and Jason Bailey will be performing at Theatre Arts in Observatory. 

Alex Silberbauer

Alex is a French South African actress and playwright in the film and theatre industry. She earned her Degree in Acting at City Varsity, where she took writing and performance studies among her other acting subjects, graduating in 2023. Trained in both film and theatre performance, she is Represented by Clare Anderson talent, and has earned roles in both independent and commercial projects, while continuing her theatre career on her own, as well as outside productions. She enjoys exploring uncomfortable and intimate topics in her writing, with relatable dialogue and characters that break stereotypes and audience perceptions. 

Jason Bailey

Trained through his experience in starring in a number of theatre productions, from Shakespeare to Calendar Girls, Jason Bailey is an actor with a wide range, who brings depth to each new role. Represented by Canvas CAM, Jason enjoys jumping into new projects, in both theatre and film, and collaborating with like-minded individuals who share a passion for performance and exploration.