The Underground Library

Written by Jon KEEVY | Directed by Tshiamo MORETLWE | Performed by OY!Theatre company members Sange KLAAS, Christina TAIT, Chris KABALI-KAGWA, Kiana LAWRENCE, Chikondi MALUWA, Isemihle DYWILI and Ondela MTSHAMBA | Lighting designed by Sophie JOANS
All Ages

In a dystopian society where books are forbidden, follow 16-year-old Khanya as she uncovers a hidden sanctuary beneath the city's streets, guided by rebel leaders. In the labyrinth of secret passages and hidden chambers, Khanya faces a pivotal decision: will she join the courageous fight to protect the written word, defying the oppressive regime's attempts to control information? As tensions mount, the Underground Library becomes a beacon of resistance, offering hope in a world suffocated by censorship. Yet, Khanya wrestles with uncertainty, navigating a landscape where betrayal lurks around every corner. "The Underground Library" is a compelling narrative of resilience and defiance, inviting audiences to witness the struggle for intellectual freedom in a society governed by tyranny