Pantsula Dance Workshop

pantsula dance
Taught by TSHOLO4ELO
For ages 12 - 40

Tsholofelo will be running 2 Pantsula Dance classes.

Pantsula for Beginners - 11 - 12.30pm

This class is perfect for dancers who are curious about Pantsula or have some basic experience.  The class will introduce vibrant footwork technique and give you a taste of being a pantsula dancer.

Pantsula's Advanced Class - 1.30 - 3pm

This is a deep dive for pantsula dancers to enhance skill and agility.

Tsholofelo has been awarded a one-year tuition scholarship to study with InDance International in Barcelona, Spain.  This workshop is to help him raise the necessary living expenses.


Tsholofelo Ndaba is a Dance Artist who Is Passionately Curious. A Choreographer, and a Pantsula Dance Specialist. While the exact beginning of his dance journey remains unconfirmed, his immersion in the world of movement dates back to 2015. Tsholofelo took a pivotal turn in his career by joining The Speculative Movers, where his introduction to Pantsula Dance unfolded.

In 2017, he embarked on a transformative journey, relocating to Soweto to pursue his Pantsula Dance education at the esteemed Shakers & Movers Dance Company. In 2023, Tsholofelo's dedication to continuous learning led him to enroll at Moving into Dance, a significant milestone in his artistic growth. During his first formal training, he was exposed to a spectrum of dance genres, including Afro Fusion, Contemporary Dance, Ballet Basis & Technique, Streets Dance, and Africa Cultural Dances.

 One of the highlights of Tsholofelo's career is his First debut solo Work titled "The Unexperienced Yet," which emerged as a culmination of his artistic exploration. This solo marked not only a personal achievement but also a testament to his evolving artistry.