Methodist Church Hall • Cnr Milton Road and Wesley Street • Observatory • 7925 • Cape Town

Muddy Waters

Musical Drama
Presented by SWEAPSTAKE PRODUCTIONS | Written and Directed by LARA-LYNN | Choreographed by Tristen DU TOIT & Rebecca FAYE | Performed by Rebecca FAYE, Micheal HUMAN, Tristen DU TOIT, Shanay BRONKHORST, Ghia HOUGH, Alice MAYBIN
PG 13

A passenger wakes up on a train. She doesn’t know how she got there nor where the train is going. She soon finds herself on a never ending journey, discovering that nothing is as it seems.

Muddy Waters is an Escapism story told through dance and drama. This is Sweapstake’s first production. Sweapstake Productions was founded by three Waterfront Theatre College graduates; Tristen du Toit, Rebecca Faye, and Lara-Lynn.