Mask Workshop

Facilitated by Liezl de Kock
Performers of all ages

Join us for a two-day workshop introduction into the mesmerising world of non-verbal, Neutral and Full Character Masks.

Friday 7th June : 13:00 - 17:00

We Start with the body in space and in relation to other bodies and objects. Building trust, playfulness and curiosity as an ensemble. We then investigate our own neutral body through an exploration in Neutral Mask. ‘The neutral mask puts you in a state of discovery of elementary things with the freshness of beginnings’ – Jaques Lecoq.

Saturday : 09:00 - 17:00

From the blank canvas of the neutral Mask, we explore various Full Character Mask techniques to create unique Mask characters, such as countermask, inner monologues, clocking, tension and rhythm. We unpack the mechanics of devising non-verbal mask material through improvisation scenarios with fellow Masks, objects and music. ‘Our world is filled with sound that is not text. A knife placed on a table, a chair scraped back, an approaching storm 6 all atmospheric, dynamic colour contributing to our understanding of an event’ – Toby Wilsher

Liezl de Kock

My career in South African theatre has focused on nonverbal visual theatre, clowning, and mask work.

I had the great privilege to be taught by Ex Lecoq students in my undergrad and be invited to join FTHK, South Africa’s first Deaf and Hearing integrated clowning company. This led me to work for UBOM! theatre company in Makhanda where I decided to complete my MA in contemporary performance at Rhodes University. I have been privileged to collaborate with incredible theatre practitioners in both non-verbal and text-based theatre productions in South Africa and abroad. Whilst Lecturing at AFDA Johannesburg I also continued my film and television career and landed a role on 7de Laan as part of the Visagie Familie.  Now life continues as a Nomadic Freelance Performer, educator, theatremaker, and sometimes Yoga teacher! After completing the Mask module with the 3rd year Theatre and performance students at Wits, my passion for Mask work has been reignited.   I have been fortunate enough to travel around the country with Curro Create as a mentor-adjudicator and bring Visual theatre workshops to Suid Ooster fees as part of the ATKV Toneel Opleiding. I am excited for the Masks to play in Cape Town and share their awe and glee.