Bridges and Barriers

Playback Theatre
Presented by GroundSpring players Lireko Qhobela, Lesley Palmer, Jessica Mayson, Lireko Qhobela, Michael Raven, Heather Schiff
PG 13

The Groundspring company conductor will elicit stories from the audience around the theme of Barriers and Bridges, and the actors and musician transform the stories instantly into theatre.  The result is a thread of connection that is created through the sharing and witnessing of stories. The actors and musician use a variety of improvisational forms which are both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally satisfying for the storyteller.

GroundSpring Playback Theatre offers participants an opportunity to step out of their everyday lives to reflect and to connect; building community through an experience of deep listening and being seen. In sharing real life stories and seeing them transformed instantly into theatre, participants experience fresh perspectives on their lives and the potentiality of change. The immersion pushes boundaries of both theatre and of therapy, combining in a unique collective healing event