Play Things

Live Performance
Curated by Sophie JOANS | Performances include Ella MAY, Vee MORTON, Jared PILLAY, DREAMEATER, Jethro Dylan THOMAS, Caitlin BARNARD, Roland DU PREEZ, Sbuja DYWILI, Noa MILAN and MELUSI

Step into the realm of Play Things, a monthly experimental space where creativity flourishes and new and emerging artists get to showcase their current projects. 

The theme for this month is DUST, and we’ll be exploring with a captivating lineup of performers, on Sunday 3rd of March at 19:00. 

Before the main event of the evening, join Sophie Joans, who will be leading a writing workshop at 4:00 pm.  An opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of storytelling, and to give you the push you need to tell your stories (and who knows, maybe join a future line-up!). Discover the secrets of crafting compelling narratives and unleash your creativity in this engaging and interactive session.

But the magic doesn't end there. Featuring a variety of acts, from captivating monologues to immersive storytelling, each performance at Play Things: DUST promises to transport you to a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the mundane is transformed into the sublime. 

The lineup includes performances by:

Ella May, a beacon of talent in the theatre world, who unveils a thought-provoking exploration of sexual violence, challenging norms and sparking dialogue with her unique perspective and unwavering commitment to authenticity.

Prepare to be enthralled by the comedic brilliance of Vee Morton, a true crowd-pleaser whose razor-sharp wit and infectious energy promise an evening of laughter and joy.

Jaryd Pillay the mind behind the acclaimed one-man show, “Passion of the Curry”, tells the story of his chaotic experiences as a teenage skateboarder. 

Three-piece band, Dreameater, blends an eclectic mix of contemporary folk, rock, and blues with a modern touch. 

Seasoned performer Jethro Dylan Thomas presents some of his newer work with a skillful monologue exploring anger, trauma, and the decisions that have shaped his life. 

Caitlin Barnard, actress and singer, astounds with her acting chops and presents a monologue from Hamlet. 

Roland du Preez, actor, activist, and playwright brings an extract from his latest play Engelbeer - expect a bit of comedy, a bit of tragedy, and a bit of an attempt to understand a papa. 

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Noa Milan plays us an original song about heartbreak.

Writer and actor Sbuja Dywili (joined on stage by Sophie Joans) will be showing us an extract from his current work-in-progress, Dom is Mel, So is She - a play about love that transcends colour, culture and beliefs. 

Market lab alumni Melusi presents a monologue from his new work Blacks and Books, featuring themes of literacy, memory and heritage. 

Tickets R50 | Workshop starts at 16:00 | Showcase starts at 19:00