Built on the tenets of affordability, inclusivity and accessibility, the Theatre Arts Admin Collective is a home for local theatre practitioners – a place where they can create work, develop skills, perform, engage in dialogue and meet and work with theatre practitioners who come from diverse backgrounds, whether cultural, social, economic or simply in skill and experience. 

Described as the rehearsal space of choice, the Theatre Arts Admin Collective is dedicated to creating the right environment for artists and theatre to flourish.  In an industry which is culturally divided, dominated by a few voices and vastly under-supported financially, both through patronage and funding, the Theatre Arts Admin Collective strives to support, enable and provide opportunity for artists to continue developing skills, creating work and generating income.  

Open to fresh ideas and up for experimentation based on current trends in economic thinking, the Theatre Arts Admin Collective is an organic model and successful training ground for re-conceptualising what a theatre institution, in South Africa, can be and how it can sustain itself.

Who's behind the scenes

Caroline Calburn
Part-time Venue Manager
Bamanye Yeko
Live and Learn Volunteer
Teresa Steidl
Publicity Learning Placement
Jessica Hewson

Gilly Hemphill, Tracey Saunders, Khayhelihle Dom Gumede, Vanessa Doble